Post Slider and Carousel Pro Changelog

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1.0.3 (07 March, 2021)

							* [New] - Updated Freemius SDK to latest version 2.4.2
							* [New] - Added option to disable image hover zoom animation under style manager. 
							* [New] - Improved Post excerpt function so some theme filter will not affect it.
							* [Update] - JS syntax with compatibility to WordPress 5.6 and jQuery 3.0+
							* [Update] - Improve WP Bakery page builder support.
							* [Fix] - Slider is not initializing in Internet Explorer 11 and later.

1.0.2 (14 Sep, 2020)

							* [New] - Added equal height functionality for carousel. Now add 'psacp-equal-height' CSS class as a shortcode parameter.
							* [New] - Added new design 13 for slider.
							* [New] - Added new shortcode parameter 'category_operator' and 'cat_taxonomy'.
							* [New] - Added category slug support for shortcode parameter "category". Now you can use this paramater with category id as well as category slug.
							* [Update] - Added separator class to post meta separator for styling purpose.
							* [Update] - Check plugin compatibility with WordPress 5.5
							* [Update] - Added new JS method so it will not break if any previous JS have an error.

1.0.1 (14 Jun, 2020)

							* New - Shortcode will work with WP Bakery Page builder Text HTML and Raw HTML elements.
							* Update - Improved Vertical Slider JS.
							* Tweak - Salient theme Owl Carousel fix.
							* Fix - 'url_hash_listener' shortcode parameter is not working with Carousel and Grid Box Slider.
							* Fix - Minor designing issue in carousel design 9.
							* Fix - Slider initialization conflict with third party theme.

1.0 (11 May, 2020)

							* Initial release.

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